More Kazakh Teachers’ Writings

I’ve been privileged to read through many Kazakh and Kazakhstani teachers’ essays. They were “tested” and wrote these essays in the time allotment of half hour with an option of writing an answer to one or the other of my two questions.  This essay below answers how they can make a difference for the future of their country of Kazakhstan.  If I have more teachers to test, I will try for a different question because this is on the minds of every person in education in Kazakhstan.  Obviously, they have ready answers and this one from Semey is a very good one:

“I’ve been working as a teacher for more than 30 years and I am convinced that teachers are a special category of citizens who make their own contribution into their country’s future.  We should always stay young otherwise our students won’t follow our ideas.  Our country develops rather quickly, a lot of information gets from TV and Internet practically daily and a teacher should be able to cope with all this.  I see my aim as a teacher to help children grow up with a great load of knowledge on my subject, that is English, so they must be able to speak English fluently and understand grammar.  I remember the time when English was the only purpose of my students, they simply wanted to know the language and dreamt of being a translator.

Nowadays, students want to become specialists in fields other than English but proficiency and fluency in English are regarded highly.  So, the best way is to teach everybody as if for being an interpreter and let him or her chooe their life career themselves.  I think I can make a difference for the future of Kazakhstan by giving my students that level of knowing English that will help them become really useful and necessary for their country.  Society is a rather complicated machine and it works properly only when all the details are in their places.  So, I clearly understand my place among the variety of different details, I am not the main one, but not the least.  I am part of the chain and my responsibility is to provide future generations with the knowledge of English.  This will lead to mutual understanding between people and as a result, to a bigger progress of our country.

In a hundred years from now, nobody will remember me, but I shall live in my students’ ideas, I will be important as I was important in the life of a child.”

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