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Kazakh Teachers’ Write about their Grandparents (Part IV)

The following writing is from a teacher in Semey and what she remembers about her grandfather in particular.  She wrote this essay in 30 minutes, I think you will see that she was very fond of her grandfather who was highly literate in the Soviet ways of thinking while still maintaining his Kazakh heritage. I’m sure a very tough act to pull off.

“I’d prefer to write about my grandparents and exactly about my grandfather Gani Butobayev, a teacher of Kazakh and Kazakh literature.  When people ask me why did I choose this profession [of teaching], I answer without hesitation that I inherit teacher’s skills from my grandfather Gani Butobayevich.  He was a well known teacher in town, near Ust Komenogorsky as well as a famous school director.  He was a philologist of the Kazakh language and was very smart in French, as well.  I’ve never seen him but many people who knew him as a teacher and as an individual said that he was an orator and knew how to attract people’s attention.  And no doubt, he could teach very well, he had his own methodics and ways in teaching language.  Even if I didn’t see him, I admire him, he left so much work, sometimes I look through them and realise that he was a Master in his field.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember the exact years of his working experience, but I can guess it was in the 1960s and 1970s. At that time, the educational system was different comparing with today’s.  The teachers had their own ideologies, beliefs and systems.  My grandfather was a fan of Marks [sic] & Engels, and he read all their works.  Then he wrote his own works based on these two famous politicians works.  The future seems quite different now, but 30, 40 years ago they believed people would be equal and honest with what they do.

Talking about education system of Soviet Union, it was a good one, to my mind.  Universities prepared highly qualified specialists with good knowledges and well-behaved individuals.  Comparing with these time kids, they were more polite, intelligent and able to learn.

Summarizing, I’d like to add that time passes very quickly and everything changes, but we shouldn’t change our upbringing base that was given by our grandparents, as well as our culture, honor, traditions and our origin.

God bless my Kazakhstan anytime!


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