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Kazakh Teachers Write about Grandparents’ past (Part III)

Answering the question: “Write about your grandparents’ past…what did they do, what were their thoughts about the Soviet Union?” Here is an answer by another teacher from Kokshetau:

“Unfortunately, I do not know my grand grandparents.  But taking into consideration the words of my parents, the films and the books about the former Soviet Union, I can imagine their thoughts and actions.  

First, they thought about their country and their people.  It was believed that in the period of the Soviet Union there was no selfish men.  Everybody thought and cared about one another and, most of all, about the country, the Soviet Union.

Second, they didn’t think about their future because the government thought about it instead of them.  It was convenient for my grand grandparents and for many people.  No responsibilities, no worries.  

Third, our grand, grandparents loved the Soviet Union.  They fought for it and they could do everything for its sake.  They believe that it was the best country in the world and we should respect their opinion.

The last, but not least point is the fact that our grand, grandparents were the first to make our country flourish.   There were opened new schools, universities and hospitals in the period of the Soviet Union.  That was what my and others’ grand grandparents did.

Finally, it should be said that nowadays many people say that the Soviet Union was not so good as it was believed.  But we should remember that the period of the Soviet Union was one of the steps of our country to flourish and success.”

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