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Kazakh Teachers Write about Grandparents’ Past (Part II)

Continuing with the theme of answering the following question:  “Write about your grandparents’ past…what did they do and what are/were their thoughts about the former Soviet Union?” a teacher from Kokshetau wrote this:

“First of all, I’d like to begin my essay with a short information about myself.  I’m the youngest daughter in the family.  My parents are old enough.  I don’t remember my grandparents because I was only two, when my mother’s parents dies.  As for my father’s parents, even my father, himself, hardly remembers them.  Because they died long before his adulthood.  From their short and sometimes funny stories, I can tell you that my father’s parents were common workers.  My grandfather was a blacksmith.  It was too hard work.  He worked from morning till night. Perhaps that’s why he died early, at the age of 35.  They had nine children, my father was the sixth.  My father’s mother also died early.  She was a housekeeper, she looked after children.

As for my mother’s parents, my grandfather died at the age of 92 and my grandmother at the age of 75.  They also were common workers.  All their life they had nothing to do but work.  They brought up six children.  I don’t remember them.  But I think that they were very hardworking, kind and honest people, because even living in such a severe circumstance of life, they brought up their children very well.

As for the former Soviet Union, it seems to me, that it was really a “grey time.”  Everybody seemed alike.  During this period they tried to make equal all people.  I think that people had no stimulation to reach something more.  They hadn’t such opportunities as we have.  It seems to me that my grandparents just hadn’t seen another life.  That’s why they even didn’t think was is good or bad to live during this time.  They just live and that’s all.

But I can say frankly that people at that period were more kinder, even they had no conveniences, such as electricity, gas, running water, etc.  Now we have much more, so we should use our chance and be more educated, more advanced and of course don’t forget that we are people!

In conclusion, I want to say that we should live here and now and don’t forget our past!”

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