Kazakh and Kazakhstani Teachers Write about their Grandparents’ Past

I’ve been privileged to read through essays of very talented Kazakh and Kazakhstani teachers who answered another question for me:  “Write about your grandparents…what did they do and what are/were their thoughts about the former Soviet Union?”  This teacher might not have had a good grasp in her English grammar but she certainly gets her story across:

“I am going to tell about my mother’s mum and my father’s mum that is my grandmothers.  I will not tell about grandfathers because both of my grannies were divorced.  I want to start with my mum’s mum.  She was nice, kind, careful, full of wisdoms, witty, very strong physically.  After the revolution, her parents were exiled to Kazakhstan from Ukraine.  They were rather well-to-do family.  So my granny’s name was Ekatrina K.  She was the eighth in the family.  Her childhood was very hard, children as she told , in their family ate poorly, dressed poorly, worked in one of the farms “kolhoz,” then my granny moved to Semey.  In 1930s she entered the evening courses and got the profession of filer.  I think she was a heroine.  She was one of the first workers “Women filers” “Women builders” of our famous meat-and milk plant.  

One day she was caught by a great fire, but she managed to escape out of a huge burning part where she was working.  Many of other women could not survive. During the WWII, she was in the Labour Army and continued her work at the plant. She lived in meat-and-milk region, lately she got a flat.  I think she was one of the founders of the whole city growth.  I am proud I took after her, I am pity she died so early.

My father’s mum was an example to us too.  I gave her name to my eldest daughter because I want her to be so kind, helpful, careful, full of smiles and optimistic.  She lived in Almaty city and brought up four children by herself, she managed to give all the children higher education and good qualities of a person.  I can not say that their thoughts about the former Soviet Union were bad, they (lived) were living their usual lives, full of hardships, full of love and happiness.  

My grannies, Ekaterina and Elena are the best recollections of my memory.  I am proud I am their grandchild that I am more educated, happier and when I am together with my three children and a grandson, I try to tell in details about their wonderful lives.U

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