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Young Kazakh Teachers Making a Difference (Part III)

The past two days I have showcased the writing abilities of Kazakh teachers just out of pedagogical institutes in Kazakhstan.  I have many more I could feature but for now this is the last who I will call Teacher #3.  If you read the past two blog entries, you can sense the earnestness and passion of these Kazakh teachers.  This teacher has also been trained to be “teacher-centered” and feels the weight of the world to perform well for her Kazakh students.  As a student-centered teacher, I am happy to see their zeal to learn and am eager to get to know them better.

Kazakhstan is a young country and anyone who lives here are lucky people.  The country is only developing and we are facing the new step up in the economics and social affairs.  And it goes without saying that every person of our country wants to make something special for the future of Kazakhstan.

Personally I think that we should realize in which way to make a helping hand to our country.  As for me, I see three important aims – study well, to work hard and to make people feel the patriotic feeling to their motherland.

First and foremost problem of Kazakhstan as a developing country is education.  It should be more serious and adequate.  We should understand and realize needs of our students, pupils or citizens.  In order to have good specialists, professional workers, we should be able to give them the best knowledge of the subject they study or work in.  Every person should have one important aim, to get education, but not education for money, but education for further rising and improving of their professional skills. Studying should become of the most important things in the life of anyone. 

Secondly, working for your country’s sake, is a vital problem too.  We have the tendency of simple routine working, i.e. waking up in the morning, going to the office for 12 hours and coming home.  But the work is to be boring! And almost everyone understands that the work you love should be exciting.  Working hard in the field you love is obviously possible thing to do.

And the last thing is to make people feel a patriotic feeling to their native country.  We can really obtain this result if we only try to make best for our country.  We can start from schools and kindergartens and even from families.

To sum up, there are many ways of making a difference for the future of Kazakhstan, but I’ve pointed out the three most important of them: to study, to work hard and to raise patriotic feelings in people.

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