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Young Kazakh Teachers Making a Difference (Part II)

Yesterday I featured a talented writer who is Kazakh but wrote with passion about what she wants to achieve to make a difference for her home country of Kazakhstan.  Today I am showcasing a second teacher, fresh out of pedagogical training.  She is clearly showing her “teacher-centered” ways by what she writes.  I’m not saying that is bad or good but I AM saying that there is a very heavy burden put on very poorly paid Kazakh and Kazakhstani teachers.  

The other day I met a young Kazakh man who had just returned from doing his Bolashak scholarship work in chemistry. The best salary they could offer him at a national university in Astana was $200 a month to teach in his field he had researched in.  To me, that is shocking because he was paid so much more with Bolashak but is expected to come back to his homeland to work for five years.  

How dismal what Kazakh teachers have to put up with, those who know so much and have even more to offer their compliant students.  Yet some old-style teachers also mistreat their students and expect bribes from them to help compensate for the inequity in pay.  I suppose this is no different from the poorly paid Kazakh cop who stops motorists willy nilly on the highway and expects them to pay a bribe so they can continue on their merry way.  

For the most part though, the Kazakh teachers I have had contact with over the three years I have been in Kazakhstan are born teachers and want the best for their students.  See what you think about what Teacher #2 wrote in a half hour time:

“The republic of Kazakhstan is a young and developing country.  Bright future awaits our country in the future.  It is easy to prove just looking at the world around you, visiting industrial cities of our country or just comparing today’s Kazakhstan with that country when nearly 20 years ago it got is Independence.  At that time it was like a “child” which needed to grow, to develop, to know.

Of course, the future of Kazakhstan is closely connected with us, the youth of modern country.  On my part, I dare say that I am ready to make a noticeable difference for its future.  As I graduated from a pedagogical institute, I am responsible for the (children) today’s children, their development, mental and physical, who are the future elite of our country.  I think, if you want to make something or somebody better, you need to pay attention to the character, development and formation.  That’s why the great responsibility is on teachers.

First of all, they are responsible to bring a clever generation up.  It is precisely a teacher, who controls the bringing up and educational processes in their life.  That’s why our work is hard and requires special skills, patience and love.

Secondly, the future of Kazakhstan is a clever, talented and competable [?competitive or compatible?] generation.  They shouldn’t go with the flow of the life, but they should struggle with it, obtain new and new positions, reach new and new destinations, search for unknown things.  Only on that case we can make a great turn in the future of our republic.

However, it doesn’t mean, that nowadays everything is not so good.  Actually, it is, it is very good, but we needn’t stop.  We should try to be as close as possible to the perfection in bringing up and education.  As we know, new achievements motivate us to the second one, the second opens a door to the third one, so develops the world around us.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the future of Kazakhstan depends on teachers.  And we should do our best to make a large step ahead in the future development of our country.  Then the future generation will say: “We are proud of US!”*

[*she didn’t mean the U.S. of A. but rather her motherland of Kazakhstan]

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