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Three More Kazakh Teachers Write About Grandparents’ Past

The other day I met nine Kazakh teachers and asked them to choose between two questions and answer in only one half hour’s time.  I was happy to see the quality of their writing. I hope to take them a step further with working on different kinds of essays, portfolios, action research all the while using research databases and other academic material.  An exciting time for all of us as we launch into these educational waters that might get choppy if the Internet doesn’t work or if we can’t tap into the databases.  All these things take time and a sense of humor.  I look forward to getting to know more about these Kazakh teacher who have been entrusted to me.  As a student-centered teacher, I will learn much from these teacher-centered teachers turned student.

“Write about your grand grandparents or grandparents past, what did they do, what are/were their thoughts about the Soviet Union?”

Teacher #4 – “My grandparents were teachers, who devoted their whole life for teaching.  In fact, they lived during the Soviet Union and their thoughts about it had never changed, especially about the education system.

Well, in terms of their thoughts education was free for everybody and everyone could have an opportunity to get free and qualitative education.  In this way CIC (Soviet Union countries) developed their own curriculum, which was accessible for all countries mentioned above. Actually, my grandparents have another negative thoughts about educational system, particularly, equipments namely, CDs, IT-boards, computers which did not exist during the Soviet Union.

They compare the educational system of that period with nowadays, when all that equipment above has been facilitating teachers’ work.

In my opinion, I agree with them, notwithstanding, that I’m a teacher.  And educational system has grown up in Kazakhstan more and has become better than in the years of the Soviet Union and accordingly teaching techniques and methods, which are considered to be the main factors to contribute in education.” Word Count: 169

Teacher #5 – I would like to write about my grandparents.  Telling the truth, I don’t really remember them because my grandfather had died before my birth and my grandmother died when I was 5 years old.  So I can say that I know my grandmother better than my grandfather, but I heard a lot about him.

My mom told me that my grandfather, his name was Joldybek, participated in World War II and even he was honored as one of the heroes of that war.

Now it is hard for me to say if I am proud or not of my grandfather because even if he hadn’t died during the war, his life had been changed a lot after he came back from the war.  He started drinking alcohol a lot and he didn’t know what to do and even he didn’t take proper care of his children, there were eight of them.

I think the reason it happened so that the war stole his life, his aim, his dreams and his thoughts, as he was always thinking of the war.  And I can say that he can be related to the lost generation.  My grandmother had to work hard to supply the children with food and clothes.

I am not really sure what their thoughts were about Soviet Union. To my mind they didn’t think of it anything, as it was the world where they had to live and accept it the way it is.  It’s laws, its rules and its leader.

Being a pupil of the 2nd grade, I remember when the Soviet Union was knocked down.  My mother and other people surrounding me were lost.  They said, “How will we live now, what should we do?” And I am sure if my grandparents are alive at that time, they would have had the same reaction to it.” Word Count: 308

 Teacher #6 – “My grandparents lived during the Soviet Union time.  They thought it was a good time because they lived in a peace time.  My grandfather was a veteran of the WWII.  He participated in a war, he lost a lot of his friends.  He valued life which was after war.  He was a communist, he appreciated the Soviet Union leaders like Lenin, Stalin, Brezhnev.  My grandparents had 10 children.  My grandmother was a housewife.  They had a very happy life, they respected each other.  Their grandchildren made them happy too.  I remember how my grandparents gave me their suggestions, supported me, waited for me…and were very happy when I visited them.  I think their life was short but very bright.  I am proud of them.  They had 19 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t see their four more great grandchildren.  My grandfather was the head of a milk factory.  He liked his job.  Every time he taught me to be honest with people, respect them and not to be afraid to start to do something.” Word Count: 176

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