This Talented, Kazakh Teacher can WRITE!!!

I just met Aigul the other day but I am very impressed that she wrote the following piece in only half an hour. English is her third language, Kazakh is her first and Russian is second. I am surrounded by some very hardworking and talented people. That’s why I am eager to work with other Kazakh and Kazakhstani teachers like her who have a real passion to turn the educational system of Kazakhstan around with more professional training.  See what Aigul had to write about her background and country when she answered the question: “In what way do you think you can make a difference for the future of Kazakhstan?”

It is really a very, very good topic!  History of the family…oh, it depends how deep you want to go into the centuries…

Kazakhstan, it is a great nation which suffered so much.  The nation comes from nomads, it was mostly nomadic until the Soviet Union time.  Before the Soviet time, it got its independence for a very short time but the Russian revolution won and for 70 years we were the Soviet Republic.  How many of our grand-grand parents dreamed about independence? Now their grand-grand children have it and that is great.  We are happy to have our anthem, flag and country.  One especially feels it when he comes back from abroad.

We don’t know how rich our grandfathers were, but from family stories, I know that my grand-grandfather gave 100 horses to get my grand-grandmother as a wife.  My grandfather before the World War II was leading the state (oblast party organization).  My grandmother gave more than others, a big sum of 300 rubles in 1942 for building the military plane to support the army.

My mother’s Dad and brother died during the War and her brother was 19 and a student at the Theater Institute.  Who knows whom he would be if not for the war. My mother hadn’t seen her father and all her lifelong she…thinks, what it would be with her life if he would come back…

Now, everything is different.  The borders are open.  Our children can study in any country they like, they can make things happen in their lovely country.  They have lots of friends in the USA, UK, Russia, they can access via post, Internet or just have them as guests, host them in the families.

The Chinese people say, “The most trouble is to be born in the time of changes.”  The 20th century was the most changeable for our families.  We passed from feudalism to socialism, then back to market economy.  Our parents were living in the socialism time, we were brought up there, our children were born there.  I believe that life will be very, very good in the future and kind to our children and grandchildren.  What was not accessible for grandfathers will come like lucky, good rain on the heads and shoulders of their grandchildren.  God Bless them!  I believe in the success and beautiful development of my country!”

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    Ania said,

    hello! nice blog
    now I see what good writing skiils are,
    what about my essey? you`ve promised to leave a comment)))

    hope to see you…

    • 2

      kazaknomad said,

      Yes, please read today’s blog with three teachers’ essays and you will have to wait for tomorrow’s blog when i use three more. I am using those that had good examples and content. You all did a good job and I used the TOEFL iBT scoring rubric to give a grade. You will find out soon.

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    […] Mendeleyev, Soviet Union, World War II I’m continuing the theme of what I blogged yesterday if you read Aigul’s piece. Yesterday I had given nine primary and secondary teachers the […]

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