Photos of Borovoe lake country, could be Minnesota

My husband went to Borovoe on a three hour bus trip one way on the super highway out of Astana with other Kazaks, Kazakhstanis and Americans from Iowa.  Many people from Astana area make Borovoe an annual event because it is so flat and plain in the city, somehow it seems to negate the harshness of winter too. (We will always have Borovoe…)

This Borovoe area has trees, lakes, mountains for climbers, trails for hikers and areas for picnics and lodges to stay overnight. I wish I could have gone because it looked like fun, but I stayed home with too much work to do.  The photos he took could have been taken anywhere in Minnesota.  His photos of the lakes look pristine and peaceful. He wore a funny hat, the only one available to keep him sunburning on his head. You won’t find Cyrillic graffiti in Minnesota, however, take a close up look at the rocks in the one thumbnail photo.  Everyone seemed to have a great time in the fresh air and sunshine.  I hope to get to Borovoe eventually.

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