More Kazakhstan Photos and Minnesota Wheat Field

I thought some photos from around Kazakhstan would suit my “reading” audience for today.  I like taking photos of billboards and the happy man carrying packages is an advert about grain I believe.  I took this photo when I was recruiting students in Kostanay area this past spring. The next one was taken in the grain fields my grandpa used to plow and plant and harvest in northwestern Minnesota.  My husband knows a lot about the grain harvesting in Kazakhstan when it was a republic of the Soviet Union.    Before the Soviet Union gave directives from Moscow about what to plant where, the Kazakhs were considered good horsemen, still are.  Thus the photo of the horse and rider in the steppes of KZ. Finally I have a photo of a statue in Independence Hall in Astana which shows a girl holding up the top of a yurt.  It has some very special significance. I wish I knew more about it. This circular piece in the flag for Kyrgyzstan, so it is very relevant to nomadic life of old.

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    KZBlog said,

    I know that the round roof piece of the yurt is called a shanyrak and it symbolizes home and peace and security, much like “hearth” in English. I have heard people give toasts where they say things like, “May you always have a good shanyrak above your head” or “Thank you for inviting us under your shanyrak.”

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