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More photos from Astana, Kazakhstan

I’m reading another OLD book published in 1961 by Random House, authored by Arther S. Trace, Jr. titled “What Ivan Knows: That Johnny Doesn’t.”  It’s a comparison of Soviet and American School programs back during the Cold War period.  Very interesting pronouncements about the value of one over the other, I’ll write more about it tomorrow.  I’m also reading Abai, sage Kazakh who encouraged his fellow countrymen to study hard in Russian. Abai was forward thnking about education.

I have had these photos for a while, but thought I’d show them today. Astana and Almaty are different than anywhere else in Kazakhstan, much different.  The picture of aqua structure is close to the president’s house, I believe it is a concert hall where a Kazakhstani friend went recently for a film festival.  She is a Russian blonde and a pretty mother of three children. Some wanted to take photos of her, thinking she was a movie star.

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