Summer Weddings and Astana Brides at Baiterek Mall

When living in the former Soviet Union one gets used to seeing Kazakh and Kazakhstani brides all decked out in western style wedding dresses.  They are driven in elaborately decorated limos going around the city accompanied by a motorcade of other participants of the bridal party identified by ribbons and streamers on their respective cars.  The wedding parties will go to different monuments in the city, show off their dresses while having photos taken of them with family and friends. You can have as many as ten brides in the same location, each vying for people’s attention. Right now in Astana, Kazakshtan, there are brides and grooms everywhere with the promise of future Kazakh children to fill the schools and universities being built up as I write this.

These photos of flowers which are landscaped and decked all around Astana were taken by my husband.  Enjoy the nice summer breezes as you look at these thumbnail photos. Better yet, fly to Kazakhstan (@ $2,500 round trip by Lufthansa from the U.S.) now while the temperatures are bearable. In four or five months it will start to be very cold again.  

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