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Photos of Kazakh Red Carpets (Part II)

This blue pattern is not a carpet but tape used in a traditional Kazakh pattern. An art piece about 2 meters square shown at the Pyramid. Yesterday I wrote about some issues that have been brewing for a while, I have more questions than answers.  Since I don’t know the Kazakh language I have to rely on my Kazakh students who know English to fill me in on their traditional values and their culture.  Kazakhstan is no different than many Central Asian nations, they have 1,000s of years of history but are trying to come to terms with present day reality. As a nation, they have some of the same Soviet baggage that Kyrgyzstan is trying to lose.  How does a leader of a nation guide his or her people to salvage from the past traditions and embrace from the 21st century what should be in place in order to compete with the rest of the world.  I don’t envy the interim president’s job in Kyrgyzstan, she has an uphill battle with what has happened lately in the southern part of Kyrgyzstan, in Osh.

What are the true numbers of deaths and those wounded?  The health care facilities are not that great to begin with, I can’t even imagine how the hospitals and doctors are coping right now. Also, how are the survivors or families of those victims who perished last week, what are they doing to memorialize their loved ones?  I don’t know that much about the Uzbek people who are caught in the middle.  They probably were born in Kyrgyzstan but are ethnic Uzbek while the country of Uzbekistan doesn’t want these refugees fleeing from Kyrgyzstan to feed and support, they have their own fragile economy trying to support their own.

For lack of anything else to write because I have no answers or solutions and can only grieve for those stuck in the middle of this terrible power play, I am showing more Kazakh carpets. These are photos I took several weeks ago at Indepedence Hall in Astana.

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