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Teeth “Bared” for more Buddy Bears…

Last night I watched “Mongol, the Rise of Genghis Khan” and also started “Nomad the Warrior” both rated “R” because of battle field violence.  Both are set in the steppes of Mongolia and Kazakhstan, fantastic scenery.  Fairly fictitious story line especially in “Mongol” but then Genghis Khan is larger than legend in many regards.  According to the movie Genghis had laws that people adhered to, no killing of women or children and do NOT betray your khan (leader), are just a few that I remember.

These are not cuddly “teddy bears” because they are NOT warm and fuzzy!!! They are really just fun pieces of ceramic artwork by all these countries together.  I saw a little girl in a pink jacket who insisted that her dad take a photo of her by each bear.  It was so cute because the father would say after each picture he took, “done.”  She would walk to the next bear and say, “again” and the dad and his friend laughed and took another photo of her.  So did I, it was such a cute scene.

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