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Astana Statues, Kazakh-style

When you visit Astana, Kazakhstan, not only will you observe unnatural curves in the architecture, but you will find statues in the most interesting places.  Yes, of course there are many on the main square from the President’s Palace all the way going west to the Tipped Tent (I don’t know its real name, it is still under construction). But you don’t expect to see a statue on the walking bridge by AsiaPark shopping center or popping up next to one’s place of residence.  The statues I’m featuring today are no doubt by the same sculptor except the last one.  Each statue shows a playfulness or captures the old way of life in Kazakhstan yet in a modern artform.  I’ve often thought that the structures that exist in this new city is a kind of Kazakh sense of humor about creating shapes just so visitors will cock their heads in wonder.  Gaze on these statues and think what the artist wanted to convey, one is hunting, another is thinking, while yet another is playing the dombra.

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