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Events in Astana (Part II)

Love the color of this Kazakh artist’s renderings I photographed the other day at the Pyramid.  I don’t know the artist’s name, I wish I had asked and written it down. It looks like a yurt sitting atop a camel who is heavily laden with all its owner’s earthly goods. However, I understand that a famous Kazakh artist Leyla Mahat had her art exhibition displayed on the 6th floor of the Pyramid last night.  She is the one who painted the Buddy Bear that I featured last week on my blog.  Eventually I will get back to the Buddy Bear photos I took, so many of them to choose from but for now I want to show off the three dimensional artwork I saw that uses iron and paint, also chicken wire!  I’m not sure who would buy this to put in their home, it is about one meter wide and two meters tall and no doubt very heavy. Kind of like the burden the camel is carrying. 

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