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Events in Astana, Korean Cultural Center and Pyramid

Who says there isn’t anything to do in Astana? Only in Kazakhstan would you find so many cultures celebrated as I have enjoyed the last week or so.  I’m taking a pause from the Buddy Bears to blog about the amazing art work that can be viewed at the Korean Cultural Center in the old part of the city of Astana.  Last Wednesday morning I went with about 50 women from the international women’s club to enjoy the hospitality of the Koreans in their new center.  They had very expensive artwork to gaze at on their walls painted by their own Korean artists.  We watched a video about South Korea in their auditorium and then ate the delicious Korean food our gracious hosts provided afterwards.

Yesterday morning I went with a smaller group of ladies to tour from bottom to top the Pyramid that is in the new part of the city. Though the Pyramid’s origins are from Egypt, once inside it definitely had the trademark of Kazakhstan apparent everywhere in their Kazakh symbolism, with a mix of 125 different cultures that co-exist in this multi-ethnic country. Nothing Egyptian about it except the outside structure. The elevator that brought us to the 8th floor went on a slant instead of straight up. Eerie sensation.

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