Astana Victory Day Billboards–Grand Finale

I have many more photos of the Victory Day billboards which featured at least 65 of the WWII veterans.  We just finished celebrating 65 years since the end of the Great Patriotic War. Sadly, this will be the last that I’ll show these brave veterans on this blog.  Now I need to sit down with someone who knows both Russian and Kazakh to help translate the quotes of what each war hero said.  I can understand all their names and their ages but I need help especially with Kazakh.  Seeing these billboards on my bike rides towards the airport, south of Astana, was a nice surprise. It shows just how much respect the Kazakhs give to their older generation, something our American culture could learn something about the older I get.

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    elek said,

    Sharapay Tilepov, 85
    “We were given honor to protect our Fatherland. I hope next generation would never know, what war really is”

    Nurzhan Bimoldin, 87
    “Our prime (main) wealth is our freedom!”
    Amanzhol Khalikov, 89
    “Military service made us strong. Every man must experience it”
    Altay Sahiuli, 87
    “I wish the youth will never go through sufferings like ours. Let them study, let them work”

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    kazaknomad said,

    Dear Elek, thanks for helping out on these for today. I’ve had trouble finding good translations for kazakh, not as difficult with Russian. Thanks again, care to translate the other billboards on the earlier blogs? I went biking today to see that the veterans billboards had all been taken down and replaced with modern buildings and other advertisements for the Almaty-Astana Winter games in 2011.

  3. 3

    elek said,

    hi! yeah no worries, will do them later on. i see you moved, did they open an Astana branch of the “American” uni? The uni is on news lately: students protesting and stuff 🙂

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