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Aliya’s Victory Day story and Astana billboards

We are still in serious celebration mode in Astana, Kazakhstan.  Monday is being taken off due to the great holiday that was remembered Sunday, May 9th for Victory Day. Memorializing 65 years ago when the Great Patriotic War was officially finished. The following was written by Aliya, a Kazakh colleague friend of ours who lives and teaches in Almaty.

“To say that the Victory Day means a lot for each of us – citizens of Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, other post-soviet countries is equivalent to saying nothing. Each family had been touched by the menacing breath of war.

I want to share with you a story of my dad. Back in 1944 as many boys of his generation, being 17 years old, he was eager to get to the war. His elder brother was on the war, the last letter from him came in 1942 from Stalingrad… After the victory my dad kept waiting for his return from the war. During all his life he was in search of any information on his brother, but the answer was the same: went missing. Only recently, thanks to the Internet may dad managed to find his grave – in the far-away Ukraine. Now my dad is very happy: visiting the grave of his brother and seing his engraved name on the obelisk, this time spelled correctly, laying flowers at the graves of many other kazakh people died nea Kharkov. In Ukraine, he was welcomed as a hero of war by ordinary Ukrainian people. This is also evidence of the significance of OUR GREAT VICTORY, in which friendship and unity of people were the key factors…

The story was published in local newspaper:”

Enjoy the photos, I’ll try to get a translation of the Russian and Kazakh for all of them, once I finish this series of Astana billboards exalting the Great Patriotic war veterans.

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