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Astana’s Architecture on an Early Morning Bike Ride

Astana is NOT a bike-friendly town…yet. Despite the fact that sidewalks needed to be jumped and cars veered far too close to me, this early morning was a glorious time to take the untried paths for our new bike. Ken and I have to share our new bike until I get my own. For now, it was a lovely adventure out towards the airport on the new side of town of Astana. Actually on the south side of the new capital.  As I’ve blogged earlier, I think Astana’s architecture is something to marvel at.  See for yourself the different shapes of buildings that have sprung up in the last 10 years, some are still in the process of being built.  Tomorrow I’ll feature photos of the billboards along the highway that shows the veterans from the Great Patriotic War.  Victory Day is coming up this Sunday, May 9th.  I need translation for each one photo I took of the vets, some are in their mid-80s and 90s. Pretty impressive to be shown on a big billboard, must be at least 25 of them just along this one highway.

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