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Red Hues Used in Astana

I love color, can’t get enough of blues and greens. Seems that the red dye is predominantly used in carpets made in Kazakhstan.  I have a small red one back home in Minnesota that I purchased back in 1993 for only $80.  I keep looking for BLUE carpets because they are so rare here.  Billboards are all over Astana reminding us to celebrate 65 years since the end of WWII in Europe. (they call it “Great Patriotic War”) Victory Day will be remembered throughout the former Soviet Union on May 9th, this upcoming Sunday.  That’s when you will see GPW vets walking around the streets displaying all their medals on their suitcoat.  By this time there should only be a few vets from that era because otherwise they are about 85 years old.  Life expectancy of men in Kazakhstan is not typically that long. These older men might be from the war in Afghanistan that the USSR was involved in for at least ten years.  In any case, thought you might want to see some red hues used in Astana.  No red tulips yet!!!

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