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Astana’s Blue Hue (Part Two)

Today Ken and I bought a new 21 speed bike at a bike shop named Belo close to the American embassy.  It came with a bell, air pump, water bottle all for $400. I insisted that we also buy a German made helmet because the drivers here do NOT respect pedestrians or bikers, there could be some close shaves where a helmet could save a life. The bike is a Fuji Odessa which seems to be a globalized bike, mass produced in Indonesia.  Fuji has the Japanese ring to it with Ukrainian name of a city off of the Crimean Sea. What a wonderful day to ride it home from the bike shop.  However, not so great to carry it up four flights of stairs yet it is too long to put in our lift.  So, part of the exercise regimen now for both of us is to bike and do stairs saddled with a bike. Also, we must learn to jump curbs because the sidewalks are not altogether biker or stroller friendly. We will share it for the mean time.  I would love to bring my GREEN Cannondale from home to here in Astana, Kazakhstan, it is much lighter.  We shall see.  For now, see how beautiful the blue skies are in our new town of three months.  You can see the regal Presidents palace, also another building that looks like a dog dish and finally a ram on the bridge that I crossed to get home.  Supposedly a Muslim country shouldn’t have any pictures of animals or people on billboards or statues but then again, this Central Asian country is a hybrid of that faith with a lot of the Soviet influence still in place.  

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