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Astana in Blue Hue

Yesterday didn’t turn out like I had planned at all.  I thought I’d be biking around the new part of Astana and taking in the sights of May Day.  Instead, I ended up making two batches of granola and one batch of chocolate oatmeal cookies and going to Metro shopping center (think BIG Walmart complex) with my husband and a broken pedal on a Nomad bike.  Ken and I later popped popcorn and watched a movie “Cry, my Beloved Country.” This is about South Africa and injustice that I couldn’t bear to watch several nights before.  I was too blue.  So, today I’m feeling much better, the weather has vastly improved.  Astana is actually showing signs of spring especially when I walked past the festivities at Baiterek yesterday, there were tulips pushing up from the dirt about 4-5 inches high, no blooms yet.  Glad the sun is out with the white puffy clouds, Astana is really turning into a pretty city.  The other photos are from last Sunday when I walked around the central city bazaar, note the shashlik stand and the nearby mosque, blue hue too.

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