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May 1st Holiday and Astana photos

I have many more photos of Astana that show off the different shapes and patterns, but they were taken in winter-clad April.  Today on this auspicious occasion of May 1st holiday, celebrated throughout the former Soviet Union, I’ll take more photos of buildings when I go for a bike ride around the new part of town. As I wrote yesterday I think the idea behind Astana’s architecture is to be remarkable in line, feature, texture, color and shape.  The reason being is that there are no outstanding natural features in the Astana landscape that would make you want to take a picture.  Also, another fact to add is that the water table is so high that there are no parking garages under ground, they would be flooded out.  All buildings in Astana are sitting on a sponge-like swamp, so the parking starts at ground level and goes up to the third floor.  Therefore, many office buildings or living area flats start at about the third or fourth floor.  When you enter an elevator there is P1, P2 and P3, the next floor would be considered first floor.  Just thought you might want to know that if you ever  visit Astana and wonder what is going on?  Here are more photos of plants inside the classroom.  You have to have plants to liven things up because outside is so stark in contrast to the winter landscape.  I appreciate anything GREEN! We are starting to enjoy the leaves appearing on trees and grass showing up.

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