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Madina’s Grandfather was a Distinguished Teacher of USSR

Everyone has grandparents.  I have them too, but I had not any time in the past which I had spent with them.  My grandfather (his name was Satbay) on the side of my mother had closed his eyes by my half year of age.  So, I do not know what kind of person he was, but I know that he was a teacher of math and physics.

When he was a little boy, the authorities had shot dead his parents and he had to change his family name to Aronov.  He did not tell anything about his youth in such a way so my mom cannot narrate me anything that I want to know today.  He was a distinguished teacher of USSR and some information was written in encyclopedia, but it is not enough for me.  His wife, my grandmother, was an orphan too, her mother froze up so she was taken into another family from an orphanage.

What about my grandparent son the side of my father?  I cannot say anything about them too.  I know they lived in Turkmenia all this time and had not any scope to connect with us because authorities did not give any permission for their passage.  Their ancestors had moved from Kazakhstan about 70-80 years ago, when life in their native land had become unbearable.  However, two or three years ago, they returned to Kazakhstan again.  So that twice I have met my grandmother and once my grandfather since my birth.

I don’t feel anything toward them except respect.  I don’t blame them therefore, I just deal with it because I understand that I can do nothing about this problem of not knowing more about them.

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