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Meuryert’s Grandfather has a street named after him

When I run out of words or photos of my own experiences in Astana, Kazakhstan, I like to show off my students’ writings about their grandparents.  The following is written about Meuryert’s grandfather after she went through old photos and newspaper clippings, revisiting him in her memory.

Two weeks ago when I was at home in Karaganda, I found old photos of my grandparents. Also there were many articles from different newspapers. And all of them were about my grandfather. From one of the photos my grandfather looked at me. The photo, in which time was stopped, was very beautiful and professional. His eyes had reminded me of eyes of my mother. They were very kind and clear. His sight was very acute, it was full of confidence, aspirations, resoluteness, he knew what he wanted. But his wrinkles reflected everything which he endured. So this photo truly transferred the person of my grandfather.

My grandfather, Karimov Garibzhan Karimovich (1910-1995), was the participant of the Great Patriotic War. At war he was on the second Belarus front in a tank company. He was a commander of the tank. He had passed Russia, Belarus, Poland, Austria by 1945. The victory he had met in Germany. He had a lot of fighting awards and medals: the award of the Red star, the award of a Patriotic War of the second degree and others.

After the end of war and arriving home, he started his lovely favourite work. He was a teacher at a rural school. His subject was history. Pupils loved lessons of my grandfather very much, they attentively listened and asked many questions. Probably, because my grandfather was the participant  of many historical events he could tell about it very brightly and truthfully.

Even before the war when he was 18 years old, my grandfather participated in actions of illiteracy liquidation in rural cities. Such people were called «Red Teachers». Subsequently, he had received the higher pedagogical education, and all his labour activity has been connected with school, he worked as the school principal and director of the region.

Really, people die physically, but their soul remains in each of the surrounding people. I have read interesting thing about death in “Harry Potter”. The wizard divided his soul and left them in different things. And when he was killed one part of his soul became free and he has revived.  As in this fairy-tale my grandfather left his knowledge, wisdom and good qualities with us. My grandfather lives in every heart of my family, in hearts of his pupils, friends and colleagues.

Last year in village Kazgorodok of Akmola area for fighting and labour merits of my grandfather his name was given to street – Karimov Garibzhan’s street.

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