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Photos from “Cool Runnings” and Ken’s Birthday Party

Our movie audience at the National Library continues to expand.  Last night we had over 50 people watching “Cool Runnings” and there were at least nine of us Americans to discuss this comedy with each little cluster of Kazakh students gathered together.  This gave more students a chance to practice their English speaking skills after watching a very funny movie for just one and a half hours.  Granted the auditorium was very warm (I think the heat wasn’t turned off yet) but everyone stayed on to discuss.  Very gratifying for the birthday boy after Ken was presented a present by the American Corners gal and we all sang happy birthday to him.  I was actually surprised that most everyone in attendance knew how to sing “happy birthday.”

The American friends I had invited to celebrate cake afterwards, came over to our two room flat. We were able to comfortably fit ten people in our living room.  They amazingly all ate my five layer cake that looked like a disaster because of the icing problem, but it tasted particularly good with vanilla ice cream.  Since I had such shallow cake pans, I had made a chocolate cake (3 layers) and then a carrot cake (2 layers).  I have two more carrot cakes in the freezer that I’ll pull out tomorrow night for a reprise of more birthday good wishes for Ken.  I wonder if there will be any more birthdays to celebrate before we get to May!!!

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