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Astana Spring Birthdays and Misc. Photos

Seems a rash of birthdays at work lately.  All of us dutiful employees troop to whatever office has been designated as the party room.  Several speeches are given, gift given to the birthday celebrant, clapping and then we trundle back to work.  This past week there has been no cake, juice or other goodies. Perhaps people have run out of time, energy or funds to underwrite each celebration in this busy month of April. As I write this, I’m baking the third cake for my husband’s birthday party later this evening.  I wanted it to be a surprise for him but it won’t be, I had to explain all the ingredients that I needed for Ken’s favorite carrot cake.  Since he is the main shopper in our family, not as easy to pull of a surprise in Kazakhstan.   If all show up, there will be 15 people enjoy the frutis of my labor in our living room, spilling over into our kitchen and balcony.  It is cool as I write this, while I wait for the third batch of cake to come out of the oven.  More photos taken in the last week.  Enjoy the view.

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