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Photos of Astana on a spring day

What’s amusing is a week ago I was writing about a country south of us that had just suffered a tragic revolution and it was barely touched by the world’s news media. Maybe because “Kyrgyzstan” is just too difficult to pronounce.  Let’s all try to pronounce  EYJAFJALLAJOKULL!  All together now!

Spring like weather brings out the best in people in a place as cold as Astana.  Some go out biking, others walk, young couples are out with their babies in strollers.  Heartwarming to see doting grandparents with the toddlers who have just learned to walk.  If it weren’t for the bad volcanic ash air that has rolled in after a week of exploding in Iceland, the Astana air would be great to breathe now.  Well, last weekend the air was good.  I’d hate to think what it is like to breathe in Europe, hopefully this volcanic thing will be capped soon, I need to make travel arrangements to go home to the U.S. in about a month for my Dad’s 80th birthday!!!

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