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Two more Kazakh student essays

I have photos to show on tomorrow’s blog of Nauryz celebration from yesterday, but first two more student writings.  The first paragraphs were written by a Kazakh high school student.  This sampling is fairly rough but she got her idea across with a little help from my editing.  The second writer needed no editing and I hope that she does very well on her IELTS test.  For now enjoy reading what both had to write in only 30 minutes.

My Grandparents

I have my grandparents only on my father’s side, because on my mother’s hand they died.  I love them very much…They are very kind and in my childhood they didn’t get tired telling me fine fairy tales and encouraged me to do good things.

When I grew up, they told me about my grand grandparents, how they fought in the War…It was terrible and awful time…Sometimes they tell me about their own story, especially grandfather about how they lived in Soviet Union…for him, I think, it is good time in his life, because he said that  this time all his young age…He was an accountant and he worked in the city of Karaganda.  And my grandmother worked in the restaurant, she was headmaster cooker…Nowadays they are old, but my grandmother always cooks for me, very delicious and tasty cakes, dishes and so on…

The above had only 143 words, the one below had twice as much and more developed thought to her essay.

“When we are motivated by dreams that have deep meaning, by pure love that needs completion then we truly live life… “Greg Anderson

Why are we living?  What’s our purpose in the life?  What is it’s meaning?  I’m sure almost everybody asks himself these questions, and tries to find out the answers.  I also don’t differ from these people.  I am an excellent student and I always tried to be the best.  However, I hadn’t known why I was  doing it except for making my friends and relatives happy…No, not for being famous, not for money.  But, after an event, which helped me understand my goals in life clearer, everything changed.

Once, in my summer holiday, I went to my grandparent’s house.  There were my three little cousins, and they always played in the outside with other children.  Two of them really differed from the others.  At first I couldn’t understand their behavior.  They behaved like adults, who had long stopped playing, their clothes were old.  Only then did I understand their behavior.  They were well-balanced and serious, since they don’t have parents who would take care of them.  Orphans don’t have any expensive toys, clothes or they couldn’t buy sweets, fruits.  Furthermore, what’s more important is that they couldn’t study on a paying basis in the best colleges and universities, since nowadays everything needs money.  But they don’t have parents who would pay for them.  As if there is no justice in the world.

That’s why I decided I will help orphans.  IN the future, after I finish my degree program, I will establish a company, where I will help these little children.  I will call the company “AKGUL” and honor my Aunt Akgul, the most children-loving person in the world.  Being a child, I remember how she always bought me whatever I asked.  And despite the fact that she is not alive now, I will carry her in my heart forever.  And I believe my dream will come true soon.

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