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“Life is Short, Art is Long” in Kazakhstan

For some reason I’m on an art theme lately. Maybe because I do not feel at liberty to express myself about what is REALLY going on in the outside world, in my corner of the world in Astana, Kazakhstan. However, right now I am thinking about my American and Kyrgyz friends down in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, life is short. I DO like Nelly Bube’s artwork which shows some of the more traditional scenes from Kazakhstan ages past. Art is long...

I got these latest pictures of Nelly Bube’s work off of Google images.  Like many people I know in Kazakhstan, I would love to have an original by Nelly in my home but for now this is good to see her artwork on my computer screen. (I know an American couple who have at least 8 of her originals in their home)  I grieve with these same friends in Almaty who lost a friend Ruslan after his three month battle with a tumor on his brain.  Ruslan had a servant heart and was a young man with much potential. Life is really short.

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