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“In Strange Waters” by Artist Philip R. Goodwin

My brother Tony had the print by Goodwin that I thought I had given to my nephew Misha.  Since my brother reads my blog (surprise!) he sent me photos of my own Goodwin print I wrote about several days ago. You can see which department store it was purchased from and also in small letters titled “In Strange Waters,” done in 1912.  Tony has a remarkable camera and he did assure me that he was NOT going to sell my precious print on e-Bay.  Whew, that’s a relief since he is an old pro at selling and buying from e-Bay.  He bought a motorcycle on e-Bay and has sold many guitars on this website.  Thanks Bro Toe for keeping my Goodwin in good hands.  

Why do I like the rustic look to Goodwin’s paintings? Why do I like Terry Redlin’s realist paintings while living here in the frontier spaces of Kazakhstan?  Because one must have an adventurous spirit to survive and live in a country like this.  Those nomads who roamed the steppes of Kazakhstan centuries ago, even up to 1912 when Goodwin did this print had to be tough.  Those who have survived the 70 years under communism are still very hearty and durable under all conditions.  

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