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Photos of Kazakh babies and children

Easter has come and gone for us in Kazakhstan and the Astana weather was ideally springish.  We went with some American friends of ours to an Easter celebration where there were lots of cute babies and children.  The church wasn’t even finished yet but it was packed with very active, talented people.  After the Russian service with a sermon and then a program, there was the traditional plov and other good food with the customary tea afterwards. Note the paska (Easter) bread and the colored eggs that were in the front of the church. Did you know that the Russian word for Sunday has the concept of resurrection embedded in its meaning?

See what you think of the future of this country when you look at the parents with their children.  Note the one child that is layered up so much in a warm suit that he looks like a cardboard baby doll.  Mothers tend to overdress their kids against the cold of Astana. But then again, after experiencing the warmer temps of the day, it is easy to forget just how very cold Astana can get.

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