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“Into New Country” in an Old, Old Land

I like Philip R. Goodwin paintings, he’s an artist from a century ago.  I bought one of his prints in an antique store several years ago for only $20.  It had the original label from 100 years ago and where it was purchased near my home town on the back. It was yellowed and dirty. Once I cleaned the glass and frame, the true colors of Goodwin’s print returned.  I think I may have lent this print to my sister for her son’s bedroom, the outdoorsy one who likes the call of the wild.

Why am I showing Goodwin’s paintings in this blog about Kazakhstan?  I feel like we are going into unchartered territory with starting up a new university in this old, old land of Kazakhstan.  It’s quite a ride perhaps similar to white water rapids.  Thrilling and scary at the same time.

I was reminded of Philip Goodwin when I went to the Bugaboo Creek steak house with Elizabeth’s family in Framingham, close to Boston just last week.  The restaurant had a rustic, western feel to it with many Goodwin prints adorning the walls.

Just like this area west of Boston used to be uninhabited and isolated, so too most of Kazakhstan.  Tourism in Kazakhstan’s great outdoors is something that should be explored more. Astana, as the new capital, is centered in the middle of Kazakhstan and as I was flying home from Boston the other night, it looked very remote from the sky.  I wonder how long it will take for the capital of this great land to have adjoining cities and towns become a part of it, just like Framingham and Lowell and Chelmsford are like the spokes to the center of Boston’s wheel.

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