Hallowed Halls of Harvard

What fun to explore the campus of Harvard on a Sunday afternoon with my Ukrainian friend, Dasha.  It was a brisk, sunny day and perfect for us to see what buildings we could get into. NOT!  There were other tourists like us roaming the campus and we could see the architecture of these hallowed halls much better because the leaves hadn’t sprung out yet on the trees. Buds on some other bushes though.  In a month there will probably be full, green leafed trees along with the crocus and daffodils.  With all this rain in Boston, it is a wonder there isn’t flooding here but at least it can flow towards the bay.

Here are photos from the Harvard campus but what was a special treat was to hear a musician playing his hurdy gurdy instrument in the subway.  Of course I had to buy one of his cds and am enjoying the sound of 17th century music.

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