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Globalized Moments: Three Locations in Boston with Friends

First Globalized Moment:  I went to visit my friend Elizabeth from Phoenix and her parents living in Framingham just west of Boston 30 minutes by car.  Elizabeth grew up in this seven bedroom house and they had a kind of a family reunion with her adorable 6 year old twin niece and nephew, who came up from Philadelphia to visit.  They are very six-ish but very well behaved thanks to their well disciplined mother Sarah who is a pediatrician trained at Harvard.  Elizabeth and I ran into each other at the TESOL conference.

Second Globalized Moment: I saw Jamie and Dasha Peipon who I know from Ukraine this past Sunday. Dasha and I walked around the Harvard campus before we went to her place for tea and cookies to talk to her mother-in-law, my friend Marianna who lives in Kyiv, Ukraine.  We talked on Skype.  Dasha and Jamie live in Cambridge area while he is going to music school at Berkelee (sp?), he is very good on the marimba (check out his YouTube performances)

Third Globalized Moment:  I finally met Frank Thoms who is very much alive living north of Boston.  We met via this blog because almost two years ago I had typed up his astute observations from nearly 20 years ago about Soviet education in my blog.  He “googled” himself and found Kazakhnomad.  Frank is the author of the manuscript “Encounters with Soviet People” that I had used with my Peace Corps volunteers back in Almaty, Kazakhstan in summer of 1993.  Frank and I had a good time catching up before he heads back to Mexico and I return to Astana, Kazakhstan.  His wife Kathleen is an amzing artist with her own studio.

Boston has been an incredible experience.  I am glad that I have my passport back from New York with a one year multiple entry visa.  I am “good to go” as we like to say.  I have done my confusing turns on the streets of Boston, I hope to walk the Freedom Trail on a less rainy day as it is today as I write this.  Lufthansa will carry me away to my next adventures back in Kazakhstan.

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