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Photos of Boston places (Part II)

Boston is an interesting city, some say the city streets were created by cows so that would explain why the city streets don’t make much sense.  However, cows would not have ruled that a path goes only one way. Cows would have dictated two-way streets.  The streets in Boston are quite confusing and I tried to drive on them as little as possible.  Walking around was difficult enough with a map.  For now, enjoy the Duck boat that is used throughout the city for tours.  Unfortunately the museum and the boat for the original tea party in the harbor is under re-construction.

What’s nice about doing a blog is that I feel compelled to document every day what I plan to do or have already done.  In this case, I am de-compressing after the TESOL conference in Boston and just putting photos up before I head back to Kazakhstan on Tuesday, the Lord willing. At the time of this writing, I’m still waiting for my passport to return from the American consulate in New York with another multiple entry, one year visa.

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