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Photos from Kostanay, KZ (Part III)

Last of a series of photos showing off Kostanay. I love looking at the billboards in Kazakhstan, trying to figure out the main text that is usually in Kazakh and Russian.  Some of the current messages are cheering the Kazakhs on about Nauryz, the biggest celebration that has become a five day holiday this year.  Not much coaxing is needed to get Kazakh people to gather with families and play games, eat lots of food and generally enjoy the spring like weather. Festivities started last Friday but is extending with most all things closed until Wednesday.

As I write this in Astana, however, it is snowing again as if winter is here to stay!!!  More photos from Kostanay follow. I can’t get over the brick Soviet apartment buildings painted green. Also, one billboard advertises about Fast Picnic and Business Lunch (restaurants offer a discount during the day on weekdays because the usual prices are outrageously high):

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