Photos from Kostanay, Kazakhstan (Part II)

The best part of traveling to other regions of the great country of Kazakhstan is meeting the Kazakh people.  Irina and I had a chance to be in front of many students and especially fun was meeting Adila, Medina and Aida.  Cute girls who want to come to our new university next fall.  Of course we want all the other students who asked good questions too.  Thankful for good Kazakh administrators who know how to run a tight ship when it comes to some of these secondary schools.  

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    joelle said,

    My daughter
    sophie was born in kostanay. I adopted her when she was 3. She is now 12. I have been able to keep her russian up. She is now learning kazakh. We would like Sophie to study abroad in Kazakhstan her senior year. Sophie is bright and enjoys learning kazakh. I spent a month in kazakhstan during the adoption. I would not leave my daughter in almaty any more than I would leave her in NYC. I hear that Astana is safe and clean. I can only find study abroad programs for college students. Is that because Kz kids enter college at 16. I employ kids from kz every summer thru the j-1 visa program. Sophie has many kazakh friends, but I feel that she should experience her birth country. What are your impressions of kz. Do you have any suggestions for study abroad opportunities. Thank you for your time.

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