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Photos from Chymkent and Kazakh hospitality

To be invited to a Kazakh family’s home is a great treat and to meet Aigerim’s mother and friends was an added bonus.  Aigerim did a superb job with explaining in flawless Kazakh all the details to the students in Taras who attended our big presentation the next day.  But first we flew to Chymkent from Astana, ate her mother’s beshbarmak (five fingers dish better known as Kazakh lasagna)  and then took a 6 hour train ride to Taras. For a long time I have wanted to see this city, but because we were so busy with our scheduled meetings, I’ll have to see the sites on my own some other time.  We didn’t even have time to look through the big museum in the center of the city.  As you can see, Aigerim’s mother’s dog was licking his chops to eat the food she continued to ladle onto our plates.  Wonderful Kazakh  hospitality…

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