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Photos at Taras University

What fun to meet a seasoned school teacher from Taras, she introduced herself to me when we were packing up to leave after we had given our presentation to over 500 students at Taras University last week.  Marina wished she were many years younger so that she could be one of the fortunate students selected to go to the new university in Astana.  However, she made the comment that since Taras (closest Kazakh town to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)  is so far away from the northern capital of Astana and the tests the students are required to take in order to enter are scheduled in the bigger cities…Well, she said it might be difficult to get all the Taras students who want to attend this university of great opportunity to go through the arduous testing process.  This needs to be taken into consideration as we soldier on with answering all the students’ and parents’ questions about this great, new adventure.  I’ll be going to Kostanai in northern Kazakhstan this next week, we might be hearing the same concerns and questions from those students as well.  Stay tuned…

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