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Flight of Fancy (Part II)

Yesterday I wrote a “flight of fancy” piece about dreaded pirates, today is a continuation of that theme.  Sometimes I encounter people who say “don’t” or you “can’t” or “be careful…” and it means they are into negative thinking because things didn’t turn out for them.  OR they have so many fears of their own about success that they can’t bear to watch someone else actually succeed in doing things that seemingly are impossible.  I feel sorry for those people who are like the three “Don’t-kateers.”

Yes, there are dangers aplenty for this careworn ship named Santa Maria.  Many others who work closely with these three Don’tkateers and the MAscot do so in sullen obedience.  Only because these crafty pirates bring the spoils of luxurious feasts to those who work on the topside of the ship, do they get any work done for them.

Finally, I need to write about those who do the actual hard labor to keep the ship moving in shark infested waters.  What REALLY goes on in the belly of the Santa Maria few can tell or know about.  Many of the slaves who do the heavy lifting and heave hoeing to propel the ship forward are former captains of ships.  In some cases these noblemen have been strip searched and branded with an X mark so it would be known by all they are mere slaves.  The Don’tkateers want to make sure that all appear equal on the under deck so all slaves sit at the same kind of row benches with the same weight of chains around their ankles and wrists.  All must appear equal when it comes to meal time, the slop is the same day in and day out.  There are never any words of encouragement, just forceful commands to work harder, row faster and don’t think about complaining.

The Don’tkateers believe in making life worse for the slaves below rather than in improving the living conditions.  El Keeta and El Zeeta will not put up with any whining or complaining.  They care nothing about their prisoners or their families, especially if those captured are from aristocratic connections.  Their sentence is made even longer, that is, if they can last long enough to outlive their captors.  What makes it particularly bad for those captains who are accustomed to the whims of the seas, they are surrounded by those slaves who hail from landlocked countries and only used a farmer’s hoe.  Fortunately, the oars the slaves are expected to use are the best that filthy pirate money can buy.  However, those who are not familiar with the high seas, row by mistake backwards.  Maybe it isn’t by an error as much as by a desire to make things worse, they are fearful of drowning.  It is part of the dark craziness below to see those who are afraid of perishing in the sea are actually the very first to die because the taskmaster at the front sees all.

One of these days the Don’tkateers will see a revolt on their hands, the likes of which they never expected.  So confident are they in their own power that the cockiness they exude will make them disdained by all.  They will either be captured by other pirate ships or their own conceit in their abilities as captains will be their undoing.  In any case, the remaining galley slaves WILL be saved while the MAscot and the Don’tkateers will go down with their ship.  Stay tuned for the rest of the story.

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