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Photos of Intl. Women’s Day Party and Movies

This particular Friday was a good day, it ended well.  The men lined up to give plants to the ladies to celebrate International Women’s Day.  Afterwards some stayed behind and watched “Pink Panther” during the lunch break. My favorite part of the movie is when Steve Martin prepares himself to speak flawless English before his trip to New York from Paris.  He has a terrible time pronouncing the phrase: “I want to buy a hamburger.” The others enjoyed that scene as much as I did having seen it for about the fifth time. Since we couldn’t watch the whole hour and a half, we will pick up where we left off with Martin’s mispronunciation of “hamburger” next Friday in order to maybe have time to discuss.

Also, I’m showing the photo of the crowd that came to my place last Friday night to watch the movie “Julie and Julia.”  I am surrounded by some fun people in Astana, I will be their English teacher, for many of my fellow employees to brush up on their English speaking skills.  Looking forward to it.  Here’s photos because I don’t have much else to write.  

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