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Photos of Friendly, Mutt Dogs

I wish we owned a dog in Kazakhstan.  Actually our Soviet apartment back in Almaty was owned by a stray dog that I dubbed as “Happy.”  Noone seemed to claim him as their own but we, as tenants, would put food out for him. We wanted to encourage his presence, he was a little insignificant dog but seemed to be HAPPY!  His post was usually on the second floor but sometimes he would come up to the landing of our fourth floor and seemingly wait for me to come out to go to work.  I miss Happy.

You could tell that he had been beaten or abused, he would shirk back as I passed each morning and evening until he learned to trust me.  The last happy memory I had of Happy was when he ran up to me as if recognizing me and I was ready to beat him back thinking he was one of many stray dogs that were around the neighborhood.  Once bitten, twice shy.  I miss care-free but care-worn Happy and when Ken was down in Almaty last week, he didn’t see him anywhere.  I hope Happy is okay.

These are mutt dogs Ken has befriended along his x-country ski paths he skis every morning in Astana. He is building relationships with these mutts by bringing scraps and bones to them.  Aren’t they cute?

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