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Photos after surviving a month in Astana

Ken and I have lived in Astana, the northern part of Kazakhstan for almost a month, we arrived when it was bitterly cold.  Since I don’t understand Centigrade, I can only guess that it was about 30-40 below zero Fahrenheit when we arrived with the windchill.  What a chilly welcome, but the Kazakh people I work with have been wonderfully warm which makes up for the deep freeze effect in the weather.  The following are photos of the luggage we brought from Almaty, our new Astana landlady, the building I work in and Baiterek, an important landmark in Astana.  I can see Baiterek every day as I walk the two blocks to work.  We really like our landlady who is a grandmother already and aims to please her new tenants.  Ken and I are still settling in meeting new people who are survivors of Astana.  Thankfully things are warming up. Spring is in sight!!!

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