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“Competence of a Nation” depends on Education

The following thoughts on Education were written by a woman from the Zhambul area, she is about my age.  Consequently, she has witnessed different forms of educating the young people of Kazakhstan over the years, before the fall of the Soviet Union and afterwards. I’m not sure what her sources were, but she has some compelling quotes from the President of this nation concerning education.  Seems to be uppermost in all of our minds these days…

“According to statistics, 1,800,000 school children in Kazakhstan are mastering the English language.  14,500 school teachers are available but they don’t know the requirements of modern life as teachers.  The Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan has asked the government to allocate more funds for attracting foreign specialists to teach English. “Accordingly, my country needs suitable professionals who use the best methods in teaching English, at the same time who are ready for constant changes of the contemporary life.”

“Educational system reforms of my country are setting new tasks before the universities, realization of which is impossible without the most competitive, innovative, qualified instructors who are able to improve study process and who can be in step with the times.”

“In his Message” our President highlights on the role of educational policy for implementing ambitious tasks.  Joining the most competitive fifty countries of the world will be carried out due to human capital which is in the first place created in the sphere of education and bringing up young generation. New educational reforms need administrative employees who are good at leading, managing and regulating courses of educational changes and who are always in great demand as specialists.”

Every teacher in Kazakhstan understands why our President focuses a lot on “contemporary education” with the help of which Kazakhstani specialists will be demanded in the world market.  The question is – how to achieve it? Are our universities ready for training such kind of specialists? Unfortunately, not all of them have the necessary material and technical, financial and intellectual resources to meet the world standards.”

“In Kazkahstan, credit technology system hasn’t been fully launched at universities except several ones, that’s why we face difficulties…we’re short of good management and curriculum development. On the other hand, our President set a huge task before the Kazakhstani people – every citizen must know three languages including English, there should be fast, easy and assessable ways of teaching for different ages…

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