Yerkezhan’s Grandmother was very popular in her village

My grandmother’s name is Bagira Toleutaikyzy. She was born in 1922 in a small village, near my home town Semey. When she was 23 she married with my grandfather and gave birth to 8 children, 3 boys and 5 girls. As many other peasant families, they had a big amount of cattle, which required permanent looking after, but that is not the last thing that she did, she also worked in local school as a teacher.

She was my grandmother from my mother’s side. And when I was little girl, I went to my grandparents every summer and spent my holidays with them. And I liked to be with grandmother. I think what I like about her in the first place is her calm. She was very small woman, with middle black eyes, warm hands and big heart. She was a person of wisdom and kindness. I loved her gentle way of speaking. I suppose this is really why she became such a good mother, teacher and grandmother.

I consider her to be very popular in that village. And I suppose the reason why I think she was so popular is because she was really good teacher and she was appreciated for it. For example, new interactive classroom was built in her honour in the school where my grandmother worked.

One more thing, which I suppose should be mentioned, is that she grew up with 8 children. And there is no doubt that she gave really good upbringing, because nowadays, when they lost their parents, they support each other in different ways and never lose the links between each other even though they live in different cities.

I remember how she taught me and mu sisters to embroider, but we didn’t like this occupation.  We helped her in the kitchen-garden and it was so exciting to watch how she milked the cow. Of course, sometimes she cursed us, but I’m totally sure, that she cursed in order to make us better.

Unfortunately, she died very early, when I was only 8, nevertheless I will remember and love her my whole life.

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