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Aigerim D.’s Grandfather was a highly educated mine worker

It is often said that in Kazakh culture every person should know their grandfathers’ names of seven generations back. Unfortunately, I do not know all of them. That is why this essay will discuss the character of my grandfather (my mother’s father). Also I do not remember the year of his birthday, but I know that he was born in April in Lengir (small town) in South Kazakhstan region. His name was Bakhtoraz. All his life he lived there.

I have in my memory that day when he died. I was only a six-year old girl, and after several months I went to school for the first time. I really did not understand why people cried, however after some years later I understood why. During these years my relatives and other people, who knew him, told about what kind of man he was. He was a very wise person. He was highly educated and his profession was a mine worker. Citizens of Lengir always asked him some advice in various situations.

My father is from West Kazakhstan region. When my father came for the first time to Lengir town to visit my mother’s family, he was surprised. When father with grandfather walked along the street one old man with walking-stick crossed the road to shake my grandfather’s hand. At this time my grandfather was about 50 or 55 years old. Besides among aksakals, who were aged advisers of citizens, grandfather was an honorable man.

In conclusion, I admire such kind of people that is why chose to write about him. I remember him like a very kind man. When he had high blood pressure or he had another problem with health, nobody could tell that something wrong with him.  I should say that if he were alive today, he would share with his life experiences and he could give necessary advice to everyone.

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