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Jisum Kim’s Grandmother has to stay healthy for Jisum’s future great grandchild

My grandparents of my mother’s side are very special to me. When I was young, I lived in England for 8 years. At that time, my father was in the doctor’s course and my mother had a job, so my grandparents came to England and lived with my family for 3 years. In fact, I spent more time with my grandparents during my childhood rather than my parents. After school, the ones who were waiting in front of my school were my grandparents.

When I went back to Korea, I lived near them so that I had dinner almost every day together. My grandparents never missed my entrance and graduation ceremony. They always said that they couldn’t believe their little girl is growing up like this.

Then one day when I was in the second grade of high school, my grandfather passed away. He was carried off by liver cancer. When I first saw him at the hospital, I couldn’t recognize the weak man who was lying down on the bed in front of me. My grandfather participated in the Korean War in 1950, and he worked as a policeman for his entire life. He always looked sturdy and strong, but I couldn’t find those aspects at that moment. He left us without any word because his condition had grown worse.

After he passed away, my grandmother became weak. My mother is the youngest daughter and she was the only person that my grandmother could depend on. So my family decided to live with my grandmother. We made a trip to many places to make my grandmother feel better and comfortable. Fortunately, she became healthier. I always tell her that she has to stay healthy so that she can come to my wedding and later see her great-grandchild. Also, I always pray for her health and happiness, and I sincerely hope that my earnest wish will come true.

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